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Electronic gaming in your home

Connect electronic games to your home theatre. Electronic gaming sony playstation 3 electronic home gamecomes to life in ways that you never imagined. With the big picture on your TV screen or projected onto the your home theatre screen, and the volume turned up on the surround sound, you don’t just play the game, you are the game! You are completely immersed in it. The experience is awesome. Compete against others in your party and feel the excitement rise. And if you play your games via the internet, you have the excitement of competing against the best players in the world while you are surrounded by the action in your home theatre. Let Magen connect up your electronic gaming system to your home theatre and open up a whole new thrilling experience for you.

Imagine flying over a 3D terrain in an F16 on a simulator. Going out on a training mission. Dogfighting at low altitudes! Flying in a coordinated assault! Do and see all this on a 20 foot screen. You don’t know what realistic is until you see how the action comes to life on a 7.1 home theatre with surround sound. You will physically try to run for cover! You’ll hear the rumbling of the guns and the blasts of the bombs as if it’s happening all around you! Feel the rush of adrenalin as you get immersed in games like this in your home theatre. Escape from the humdrum and come home to a Magen Home Theatre. No one can put you into the centre of action the way Magen can. No one has even tried.

xbox 360 electronic home gameElectronic games will liven up your parties, keep the kids occupied on a rainy day and they can even be educational for kids of all ages. For a person at home alone – a senior, a disabled person or a sick kid – electronic gaming allows him or her to interact with others giving them an opportunity to socialize even while alone. As we age, the more stimulation a brain gets, the better the memory functions. Many memory aerobics games have been developed to keep minds and memories active. So with all these benefits, it’s no surprise that electronic games are so much in demand. And did we mention that this is not just for boys of all ages? More and more games that women enjoy have hit the market in the past couple of years.

Magen can help you get the most out of your Microsoft Xbox, Sony Playstation3,  Nintendo or your home computer by connecting it with your home theatre. And remember that electronic gaming is an expanding field. More and more firms are developing new games and new ways to play them. Philips wowed them at the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show and now the Philips amBX enables a sensory surround experience using accessories that effect wind movement, sight, sound and vibration.

If you are installing home theatre now or just considering a new TV, ask Magen how you can best integrate electronic gaming to get the most out of the gaming experience on all occasions. And how you can be ready to enjoy the amazing new sensory experiences that are just beginning to reach the market.

Engage your senses! Connect your electronic gaming system to your home theatre.

We don’t sell you an audio video system; At Magen we provide a total viewing experience and a space to delight the eye.

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If you are considering installing an audio video system, contact Magen Audio and Video now. Let us review your plans and help you develop your ideas.


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